Hemp's Topline Clipper

Our topline clippers have the same smooth, sleek design that professionals have been used to for years. Clipper has side actuated switch, clip off blades and are very light weight, just like the discontinued Osters. Improvements include harder blades that stay sharp longer. Professional fitters that have tried these praise the wider spaced teeth of the blades. The blades go through the hair faster and better with a more even cut the first time, even hair with adhesive applied. No more broken bottom housings due to broken plastic clips. These come with replaceable metal clips, that hold the blades in place. Blades pop off and latch in place easily for quick changing. Run time is aproximately twice as long as previous topline clippers. Can also be used as a corded unit too. These clippers are also beginner friendly. Excellent for the young 4Her or beginning fitter. Clipper comes with two, two sided comb attachments. This helps the beginner until he or she becomes more experienced with toplines and clipping techniques in general. One comb has clipping heights of 3mm and 6mm. The other comb is 9mm and 12mm.


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