Circuiteer Electro-Groom

Circuiteer Electro-Groom The Electro Groom unit includes 10 ft. hose with swivel end. 1-1/2" ID, serrated nozzle, Vinyl spaghetti brush and blower tip. This double power unit provides up to 150 inches of waterlift vacuum. (One motor may be shut off while grooming sensitive areas.) Unit is 28 inches height, 2 inch by 8 inch wheels. Tough baked enamel finish on 18 guage steel. Two motor turbines, Lamb Mfr. 120 volt 575 watts each, 14.85 amps, 18,500 rpm, 150 inch waterlift. Each motor may be operated separately or together. Quickly removable filter bag catches the over flow dust/debris. This prevents foreign matter from entering the unit. That protects the life of both of the high speed tow stage turbines. Eliminates the hand labor of brushing. Removes dirt, loose hair, parasites, skin dandruff and ofor. Leaves hair clean and smooth, easy to manage and leaves the natural oil of the coat. Offers improved body comfort to the animals plus better tempered and healthier animals. Stay clean whil grooming, you will also enjoy the quiet operation of this unit. Remove dust, cobwebs from you barn or stable. Merely attach the Electro Groom hose to the exhaust tube, attach blower tip and blow down dust, dirt and debris.


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