Replacement Parts for Laube Mini Micro Clipper Kit - Var. Speed (72310101)

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Laube Mini Micro Clipper Kit - Var. Speed diagram #1

Laube Mini Micro Clipper Kit - Var. Speed diagram #2

SE730040 (Diag.1) Housing-Yellow (Out of Stock)
SE51100200 (Diag.2) Latch
SE5100050000 (Diag.3) Hinge Assbly.
SE5100070000 (Diag.4) Hinge Screw
SE5100020000 (Diag.5) Name Plate Screw
SE5110000000 (Diag.6) Name Plate Assbly.
SE5100030000 (Diag.7) Lever Seal(Set 2)
SE7100090000 (Diag.8) Socket Set Screw
SE5141000000 (Diag.9) Drive Shaft Bearing
SE5210060000 (Diag.10) Solid Spacer
SE5700040000 (Diag.11) Motor Assbly.
SE7300100001 (Diag.12) Circuit Board Assbly.
SE5700110001 (Diag.13) Switch Cap
SE5220060000 (Diag.15) Washer
SE5500250000 (Diag.16) Nut
SE5600020000 (Diag.17) Black Knob
SE5230010000 (Diag.18) Cord Strain Relief
SE5230000000 (Diag.19) Power Cord
SE7200020000 (Diag.20) Bale Hanger
SE5110010000 (Diag.21) Name Plate
SE5110020000 (Diag.22) Name Plate Washer
SE5110030000 (Diag.23) Lever Bearing
SE5135008 (Diag.24) Lever - Super Duty
SE5120020000 (Diag.25) Drive Shaft Lock Screw
SE5120010000 (Diag.26) Drive Shaft post
SE5120030000 (Diag.27) Motor Front Plate
SE5120040000 (Diag.28) Armature Washer Spring
SE5140040000 (Diag.29) Armature Bearing
SE5120060000 (Diag.30) Armature
SE5120070000 (Diag.31) Armature Washer
SE5120080000 (Diag.32) Armature Spacer- Ultra Fine
SE5120090000 (Diag.33) Armature Spacer- Fine
SE5120110000 (Diag.34) Armature Spacer- Heavy
SE5120100000 (Diag.34) Armature Spacer- Medium
SE5121010000 (Diag.34) Motor Brush Assbly.
SE5120120000 (Diag.34) Motor Field
SE5120050000 (Diag.35) Armature Bearing
SE5121040000 (Diag.36) Motor End Bell
SE5100080000 (Diag.37) Motor Mount Screw
SE7500010000 (Diag.38) On/Off Switch w/ Speed Control
SE5503100 (Diag.39) Allen Wrench(Not Shown)

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